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March 9, 2001


Rick Passalqua called. He LOVES his barn. He said it turned out and looks better than expected. He said Shawn is a very hard worker and good representative of North Coast Barns. He is happy to talk with any customer to refer us. He was very impressed with Shawn and his worker!!


September 22, 2000


Thank you for our beautiful barn. It took a little longer, but it was worth the wait. We will call with any problems. I hope there are none. Also send me some cards; I’ll put them in our club newsletters.

Ted & Carol

September 16, 2000

Dear Kevin,

Just a note to let you know we are very happy with our new barn. It was a pleasure to have Mark and Shawn working on the project. They are polite and courteous and a credit to your company.

Two of our neighbors have expressed interest in your product and they have our full recommendation to use North Coast Barns.

Don & Lori Wolfe

June 1, 2000

Mark & Jeremy,

Thank you for your good work, good humor and good advice. We enjoyed having you here and wish you a safe trip to your next venture.

Hugh & Sandy McBride

September 16, 1999

Dear Kevin & Katie,

I wanted to get a note right off to you to say a whopping, great “THANK YOU!”

The barn is beautiful. Tom and Terry did an incredible job of putting it up where I know it wasn’t easy! I told Tom I’d send some pictures when we get it painted and the junk around the area cleaned up, so that it looks its best. Special thanks to Tom for my “window wall” between the two stalls. Somewhere along the line my request for a grilled wall between stalls got lost, but the solution Tom came up with (the half wall) is even better since the horses can feel closer with a real opening. Tom also did an incredible job of finishing it off.

If you EVER need someone as a reference or have someone that wants to see one of your barns and ours is within range, please tell them to call us. We’ll welcome their visit.

Thanks again,


June 30, 1999

Dear Katie & Kevin,

I wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with my new North Coast Barn. I have wanted a barn forever and cannot believe how nice it is. Usually when you are dealing with a company so far away and everything was done over the phone, I expected some errors. However, every window opening and the door opening are in the exact spot I wanted them to be.

I also wanted to tell you how great your foremen and crew were. Tommy and Dave were the best. They were very professional, funny, polite and fast. They really went the extra mile. As I’m sure you are aware, my pad was not very level and they worked their buns off to fix it. You are lucky to have such a responsible and loyal crew.

I didn’t get a chance to thank them when they were done, please relay this to them.

I can tell you that I did get some negative feedback from local barn companies here saying that I wouldn’t be happy dealing with a company far away. Your company proved them wrong.

Debbie Donnelly
“Happy Barn Owner”

August 26, 1998

Dear Kevin,

Enclosed please find a check in final payment of the contract for our barn. To say we are very pleased with the end product is an understatement. We were really impressed that your three-man crew could build an 18-stall barn of such quality in a mere three weeks. The materials are first class and the workmanship is extremely good. Your crew seemed to work around the clock and really knew what they were doing.

Looking back on all of your competitors that we considered before committing to buy your barn, we certainly made the right decision. Whenever we need future buildings, you will be the first that we will call.

Henry Bunsow

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