To North Coast Barns, manufacturers of quality equestrian products. Since its inception in November 1992, North Coast Barns has produced modular agricultural buildings and associated products for literally thousands of satisfied customers.

Basing our ongoing success on our Service First attitude, we continue to strive to make every customer a satisfied customer. In addition to “Service First,” North Coast Barns continues to modify our product line. We’re always looking for better ways to build quality into our products. Quality that holds up under the rigorous use that our customers demand out of their horse housing needs. Sometimes the change is simple, creating a product that is simpler, safer or stronger. Sometimes, as with our new Millennium Barn we are incorporating new and innovative products utilizing materials not available before. We can incorporate these materials into our existing products to create an exciting and completely new look!

Take a look and see what North Coast Barns has to offer. You’ll find an experienced company willing to go the extra distance. Please feel free to CALL or EMAIL us with any questions.

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