Modular horse barns have been constructed the same way for years. Utilizing technology only recently available NORTH COAST BARNS has changed the direction of barn production to incorporate state of the art materials as well as considering the long term environmental impact of material usage.

The result, THE MILLENNIUM BARN. THE MILLENNIUM BARN is a steel skeleton with the wall material consisting of a man-made tongue and groove product designed specifically to replace wood. The composite material is specifically designed to perform in the harshest of climates while maintaining it’s beauty and durability with the least amount of maintenance.

Imagine. . .no painting. . .no warped boards. . .no rot. . .resistant to insects. . .the beauty of wood without the problems inherent with wood construction. That is THE MILLENNIUM BARN. Currently available in three colors, Cedar, Slate, and Mahogany. While other products are surface painted, the color goes completely through THE MILLENNIUM BARN walls. The extruded material is impregnated with the color so.. .no scratches. Utilizing this man-made material reduces our dependence on forest products, leaving the trees for our grand children to enjoy for years to come.

Raised Center Aisle w/Front Porch Option

Raised Center Aisle w/Runs Mahogany

5 Stall Shedrow with Feed/Tack Room Mahogany

4 Stall Raised Center Aisle Cedar